718 East Project: 2020-04-05


Oh yes I did. On our way to town; it seems like a perfect opportunity to avoid a crowded store by going early on a Sunday morning when it’s raining. I had my husband stop in the middle of the road so I could take my photo.

It was a bit harder to orient East, my compass app was not being cooperative, and since I was already getting pelted, I just opted for a quick shot before jumping back into the truck and mopping off my glasses.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday… Stay well!

718 East Project: 2020-03-31


March snuck in somewhat like a lion cub and seems to be going out like a lamb.

Yesterday we were awakened by shots from turkey hunters on the island, today it was a tractor working the field down the street. There’s always something happening here. But so far, we have not heard any sirens or screeching tires. No neighbors fighting until the police show up. Nothing hurled at our cars (other than a kamikaze bird.)

Having slow Internet really pales in comparison.

Just looking at the photos from March 1st and comparing with today’s…

(I’m getting better at keeping my finger out of the picture!)

718 East Project:2030-03-29


We had another good, hard rain last night. I think it woke me up when it stopped, I had gone to sleep to the sound. And let me tell you, heavy rain is amplified in an RV!

The wind has died back down and although it is still quite damp, I still foresee some time outdoors, if for no other reason than to NOT be indoors. The air is cleaner, and the weeds are definitely easier to pull!

718 East Project: 2020-03-28


I have half a mind to one day post just a 15 second video clip. A photo can capture a single snippet of our view, but a huge part of the beauty of this place is the sound… Hummingbirds squabbling for dominance over a feeder, honkers calling to each other as they fly up or down stream, flocks of wild turkeys gobbling and clucking, quail calling, and the myriad tweety birds in the trees or foraging across the lot for tidbits. It all contributes to the complete experience.

I’m looking forward to the day that we can again enjoy it with our family and friends.

In the meantime, Shabbat shalom!


Cannot resist editing this post to show off the Rufous hummingbird guarding the feeder… Photo taken through the dining window, zoomed in with my phone camera. I think you can get the gist!